• Am I able to buy custom fish tanks and custom furniture?
    Monaco Pet & Aquariums is known for the best handcrafted custom tanks within Australia.
  • Do you send out fish tanks and furniture?
    For the tanks and furniture customer need to come and pick it up or can pay their own company for freight and can pick it up.
  • Are your prices the same as online as it is in store?
    Monaco Pet & Aquariums has the cheapest prices for the high quality products. But the prices in store will obviously vary as because our discounts and the promotional items cannot be seen in store which we have online and other way around.
  • Will I receive a refund for products purchased online?
    Firstly you need to have the invoice for your item purchased to be eligible for refunding. And second important thing is that you need to follow our returns policy. If your product assesses the product assessment procedure then only an individual can receive refund.
  • Can I exchange products purchased online?
    An individual needs to contact us via mail and will be educated for the procedure of exchanging the product. If the product is faulty then it can be exchanged after few assessment steps and the delivery charges will be paid by Monaco Pet & Aquarium, but in all the other reasons like change of mind, the delivery charges will not be paid by Monaco Pet & Aquarium. Further details are in our Returns Policy.
  • If I am unable to find my tax invoice, can I use a bank statement as proof of purchase?
    Monaco Pet & Aquarium will not accept the bank statements as a proof of purchase, it is mandatory to have an invoice. But if you are a registered customer you can check your purchase history on our online store and can get the invoice of your past orders. If you are not a registered customer and you misplace your invoice we are not able to provide a copy of it. For further assistance contact us and we can guide you what to do next.